Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor 12th President of the United States (1849-1850)

Taylor sites that I have visited:

Birthplace Barboursville, VA

Boyhood home of Zachary Taylor Louisville, KY
The White House, site of Taylors death, Washington DC
Gravesite Zachary Taylor National Cemetery Louisville, KY

    Taylor's family was passing through on their way to Kentucky when they stopped at Montebello. At which time he was born

A president's birthplace is back there,  it was awful tempting to just drive back and see what might happen

         My best picture of Montebello

Historical marker at Taylors boyhood home. Louisville, KY

Picture of the house that I took during my Februrary 2012 re visit

Zachary Taylor's boyhood home in Louisville, KY. May 2009

It was at the White House that President Taylor died in 1850

Taylor's boyhood home in Louisville, KY is private property. So the best you can do is stop by and take a picture of it. It isn't far from the cemetery where he is buried.

Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in Louisville, KY

My wife and kids take a break at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

Taylor statue and momument next to his Tomb

my nephew Wyatt, neice Katie and I at Taylor's Tomb

I made a re visit to Taylors Tomb with my wife and kids in Februray 2012.

There have been a handful of times in our history that instead of a man seeking the Presidency and winning, it was more like the people and the Presidency were seeking the man. This was the case for Washington, Grant and Eisenhower. Taylor, I think also falls into that catagory. He didn't seem to want to be President. He never even voted, not even in his own Presidential election. But 'Old Rough and Ready' was so popular after the Mexican War that his friends talked him into it.

He would become the 2nd President to die in office. During the dedication for the Washington Monument, Taylor enjoyed the festivities by drinking milk, water and eating a bunch of cherries. He developed cholera, and eventually died of it. Speculation that he may of been poisoned in the late 1980's , early 90's led to his body being exumed in 1991 and an autopsy was performed. It was negative and confirmed that he was not poisoned.

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