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William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison 9th President of the United States (1841)

Harrison sites that I have visited:

Harrison birthplace home Berkeley Plantation Charles City Co., VA
Harrisons War of 1812 headquarters in Columbus, OH and Upper Sandusky, OH
Grouseland" Harrisons Territorial Governors Mansion Vincennes, Indiana 
Site of Harrison's North Bend home, North Bend, Ohio
The White House, site of Harrisons death Washington DC
Harrison Tomb North Bend, OH

Berkeley Plantaion Charles City Co., VA Birthplace on William Henry Harrison

Berkeley Plantation has a lot of history on it's property. The house belonged to W. H. Harrison's Dad, Benjamin Harrison V, who also was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. The elder Harrison is also buried here. Gen. George McClellans Union army was camped here at one point during the Civil War. Also during the Civil War, military 'Taps' were written here. They also claim that the first Thanksgiving occurred here in 1619. It really is a beautiful property on the James River. Great for a walk, until the mosquitos came out, then we bailed.

The James River at Berkeley Plantation in Virginia

During the War of 1812, this house was General W. H. Harrisons headquarters. Columbus, OH

Upper Sandusky, Ohio. I must of passed this sign 100 times in my life and just noticed what it said recently. Another Presidential site! For movie fans this also happens to be the courthouse in which the courtroom scenes in 'Shawshank Redemption' was filmed.

William Henry Harrison lived in this Mansion when he served as Governor of the Indiana Territory. He had the mansion built to resemble his birthplace home Berkely Plantation in Virginia. Harrison named the house 'Grouseland'.

My wife on the half moon shaped side of the house

At Grouseland there was a Walnut Grove that is being restored. Twice in 1811, Harrison and Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh met in the Walnut Grove. Their disagreements led to the Battle of Tippicanoe.

I always found Tecumseh to be a facinating historical figure. It was very cool to see where he and Harrison met.

Other side of the historical marker.

Harrison and "Grouseland" also have a connection to the Lewis and Clark expedition

Other side of the marker

I thought Vincennes, Indiana was a nice little town full of history. I didn't realize how much was there. I hope to look into it more and return sometime.

Just down the road from the large Harrison Tomb in North Bend, Ohio is this historical marker, marking the location of W. H. Harrisons North Bend, Ohio home. Which is no longer standing.

The other side of the marker makes mention of the site as President Benjamin Harrisons birthplace. Benjamin was of course, William Henry Harrisons grandson.

Just a month into office, William Henry Harrison became the first President to die in office here at the White House in Washington DC

Harrison Tomb in North Bend, OH

Harrisons large Tomb

Harrison is buried in a large Tomb along the Ohio River. Just down the River from Cincinatti about 20 miles.

W. H. Harrison and First Lady Anna Harrison are interred here in the Tomb wall. Notice off the the left of the picture is W. H. Harrisons son John Scott Harrison. John Scott Harrison is the father of our 23rd President Benjamin Harrison.

Klo and I in the Harrison Tomb in 2009

My most recent visit to Harrison's Tomb in August 2014.

William Henry Harrison is best known as the President with the shortest term, one month. The election of 1840 is considered the first modern election. Harrison was elected in help with the slogan ' Tippicanoe and Tyler Too'. Referencing Harrison as the hero of the Battle of Tippicanoe, and his running mate John Tyler. At 68 Harrison was the oldest man elected President at that point. Trying to prove that he was'nt a weak old man, he gave an inaguaral speech over 2 hours long in a snow storm, without a coat. So he caught pnemonia and died exactly one month after taking office on April 4, 1841. Then they built him this huge Tomb. The first of many large tombs given to Presidents of modest accomplishment who die in office or are assassinated.

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