Thursday, August 11, 2011

James Monroe

James Monroe 5th President of the United States (1817-1825)

Monroe sites that I have visited:

Monroe birthplace Colonial Beach, VA

Monroe home 'Ash Lawn - Highland' Charlottesville, VA
Monroe gravesite Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, VA

   A lot of the Virginia presidents birthplaces are little more then a road sIde marker. James Monroe has a little more than that even

    A small monument marking Monroe's birthplace

    A small Monroe birthplace museum, which was closed.

    A view inside the closed museum

     Another look inside the closed museum. I'm guessing the wooden house is what the birthplace Home would of looked like.

   James Monroe's law office Fredericksburg, Virginia. It's now a Monroe museum

      Bust of Monroe at his law office museum. They were closed at 7 AM on a Sunday. Imagine that

Front of Ash Lawn
Monroe's Ash Lawn - Highland Home

James Monroe moved to (then called) Highland beause of the urging of Thomas Jefferson, who's Monticello home is just a few miles away. The front of the home that is painted yellow is not original to Monroe's time here. The original front from Monroe's day was lost to a fire. The yellow part is , however a reconstrution of what it would of looked like when Monroe was here. The white part of the house in the back is original to Monroe's time. We almost did'nt stop here but we were making such good time after leaving Monticello that we did. And I am very glad that we did. It is a nice little stop for any Presidential history lover.

Back door original to Monroe's time here

Statue of Monroe at his Ash Lawn - Highland plantation

view from Ash Lawn - Highland

Me at James Monroe's gravesite. Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, VA

Notice the close proximity of Monroe's grave on the right to President John Tyler's grave on the left.

James Monroe was the last Founding Father President. He is also the last of the Virginia Dynasty President which included Washington, Jefferson and Madison before him. Back then being Secretary of State seemed to be the stepping stone the Presidency. Jefferson was Washington's Sec. of State, Madison was Jefferson's, and Monroe was Madison's. With this in mind Monroe appointed John Quincy Adams his Sec. of State, with the understanding that Adams would be his predecessor. Monroe would even make the trip to Massachusetts to tell a very old John Adams about his sons appointment.

The Monroe Administration is considered the 'Era of Good Feeling'. He even run for re- election unopposed. His landmark acheivment was the Monroe Doctrine, which stated that the United States would not tolerate furthur expansion in the America's by any European power.

Monroe died at his daughters home in New York in 1831.

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