Monday, August 22, 2011

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson 28th President of the United States (1913-1921)

Wilson sites that I have seen:

Wilson birthplace home 'The Manse' Staunton, VA

Woodrow Wilson Family Home Columbia, SC
Wilson homes in Princeton, NJ
Woodrow Wilson House Washington DC
Gravesite at the National Cathedral Washington DC

Front of "The Manse". Birthplace of Woodrow Wilson in Staunton, Virginia

Klo and I in the backyard of'The Manse'

On the same property as the Woodrow Wilson birthplace is the Woodrow Wilson Library and Museum. This is privately owned and not connected with the National Archive Libraries for every President from Hoover on.

Entrance to the Woodrow Wilson Museum in Staunton, VA. right next to the Wilson birthplace.

We only had time for a quick stop in Staunton. So we didn't have time to tour the birthplace or the Museum. Maybe another time.

The Woodrow Wilson Family Home in Columbia, South Carolina ( not to be confused with his Boyhood Home in Augusta, Georgia) reopened to the public in February 2014 after a 9 year renovation. I got the chance to stop by and tour the house in June 2014. 
I enjoyed the tour, which focuses on Woodrow Wilson's teen years and how his southern family adjusted to reconstruction in 1870's South Carolina. 
They didn't do much to furnish the house. Instead it is set up with information boards and artifacts like a museum. My wife and I were the only ones there and our tour guide really knew her stuff. So I enjoyed the private tour feel. 

Me in front of the Wilson Family Home in Columbia, South Carolina

President Wilson's birth name was Thomas Woodrow Wilson. So growing up he was known as "Tommy"

Pictures weren't allowed inside. But I was able to sneak in a couple of pictures including this one of Woodrow Wilson's birth bed. 

This picture above and the next 2 are pictures of in the house that I got off of a YouTube clip

A couple of blocks from the Wilson home in Columbia is the former site of Winthrop College. This is where Wilson's father was a teacher. And even though "Tommy" Wilson wasn't a student here, he regularly attended his fathers lectures here. If you come to tour the Wilson Home, this is where you need to buy the tickets.

Just a few blocks from the Wilson Family Home is the First Presbyterian Church where the Presidents parents are buried.

82 Library Place in Princeton, NJ was one of Woodrow Wilson's homes when he served as a Professor at Princeton University. He later became President of Princeton University. I was going to hop out and get a picture in front of it. But the guy loading up things into the van was giving us a weird look because we were driving slowly and snapping pictures.

72 Library Place in Princeton, NJ was another home that Wilson lived in while serving as a Professor at Princeton University

Sign marking Woodrow Wilson House in Washington DC

Woodrow Wilson House Washington DC

The Woodrow Wilson House in Washington DC is the house where Woodrow Wilson moved once he left the Presidency. He died here in 1924.

National Cathedral Washington DC. Burial site of Woodrow Wilson

Gravesite of Woodrow Wilson in the National Cathedral

Me at the grave of Woodrow Wilson in 2010

On July 4, 2016 I was in DC and we decided to go out to the National Cathedral in hopes of seeing the fireworks being shot off from the national mall. As we were following the crowd to see where everybody was setting up at we walked by the door to the cathedral. Knowing that they had close hours before I didn't expect that I could get in, but I thought what the heck and I tried the door anyway, and it was open. My kids where with me so I hurried them in and we got a picture taken with Woodrow Wilson's gravesite. Then my wife called and said that a security guard stop her when she tried to get in shortly after we went in. So we hurried out to set up for the fireworks. Unfortunately it had rained a lot that day and it was way too foggy to be able to see the fireworks from there. But I wasn't too upset about it since I was able to get my kids in to see another presidential gravesite.

Before you visit Woodrow Wilson's gravesite at the National Cathedral always call ahead to see when you will be able to see it. In 2010,  I found out that I only had a one hour window of oppourtunity to see the gravesite on the day that I planned on being in Washington.

Wilson is usually considered one of our better Presidents. He led us through WW1. He had been Governor of New Jersey before being elected President. He had also been President of Princeton University and the only President to have a PhD degree. He suffered a massive stroke as President and his wife resticted his visitors so much so that many think that she was actually our first female President.


  1. CORRECTION IS NEEDED: When Wilson was President of Princeton University he resided at Prospect House on campus (you do not show a photo of that property). Before then, while Professor of Law at Princeton University he lived at 72 Library Place. While there he had a home built next door at 82 Library Place. When he was Governor of New Jersey he lived at 25 Cleveland Place - during that period there was no NJ Governor's Mansion.

  2. Thanks for the information. I will make the corrections and next time I am in Princeton I will try to visit those other sites