Sunday, January 18, 2015

Presidents Homes

    On top of everything else. A couple years ago I set a goal to visit at least one house that each President had lived in, sometime in their life (with the exception of the White House). After recently adding private residences that Presidents Ford and Obama lived in, I've got at least one for each except for Chester Arthur. But I have visited his reconstructed Birthplace and / or boyhood home in Vermont. So that will do for now until I make it to see his house in NYC. In July 2017, I visited 2 of Donald Trump's boyhood homes in Queens to catch up since the new administration came to power.

     In the cases in which I've seen multiple houses for a President, I'll pick my favorite 1 or 2. 

The White House Washington DC. 
The one house most of the Presidents have in common. Every President from John Adams to Donald Trump has lived here. 

    George Washington's "Mt. Vernon". Mt. Vernon, Virginia

    John Adams  "Peacefield". Quincy, Massachusetts 

    Thomas Jefferson's "Monticello". Charlottesville, Virginia

    James Madison's "Montpelier". Orange, Virginia

    James Monroe's "Ashlawn Highland". Charlottesville, Virginia

   John Quincy Adams birthplace Quincy, Massachusetts. He also inherited his fathers "Peacefield" home.

   Andrew Jackson's "Hermitage". Nashville, Tennessee

    Martin Van Buren's "Lindenwald". Kinderhook, New York

    William Henry Harrison's "Grouseland".  Vincennes, Indiana

    John Tyler's "Sherwood Forest". Charles City County, Virginia

    James K. Polk's Ancestral home. Columbia, Tennessee 

    Zachary Taylor's boyhood home "Springfield". This one is private property, not available to tour. Louisville, Kentucky

 Millard Fillmore's home. East Aurora, New York

    Franklin Pierce's boyhood home "Pierce Homestead" Hillsborough, New Hampshire. 

    James Buchanan's "Wheatland". Lancaster, Pennsylvania 


Abraham Lincoln's home, Springfield, IL

    Abraham Lincoln's Summer Retreat "Lincoln Cottage". Washington DC

   Andrew Johnson's home. Greeneville, Tennessee 


Ulysses S. Grant birthplace home, Pt. Pleasant, OH

    Ulysses S. Grant's "Grant Cottage". Site where he spent the last few weeks of his life before dying here. It is a great site frozen in time to the moment Grant died. By my count, Grant has the most homes in which he lived that are available to tour with 5. Saratoga Springs, New York. 

    Rutherford B. Hayes "Spiegel Grove". Fremont, Ohio

   James A. Garfield's "Lawnfield". Mentor, Ohio

   Chester A. Arthur's (replica) birthplace and/ or boyhood home. Fairfield, Vermont

   Grover Cleveland's birthplace home, Caldwell, New Jersey

    Benjamin Harrison's home. Indianapolis, Indiana 

    William McKinley's "Saxton McKinley" house. Family home of his in laws, where he lived for many years. Canton, Ohio

   Theodore Roosevelt's "Sagamore Hill". Oyster Bay, New York

    William Howard Taft's birthplace home Cincinatti, Ohio

    Woodrow Wilson's Family Home. Columbia. South Carolina

    Warren G. Harding's home. Marion, Ohio

    Calvin Coolidge's boyhood home / summer White House. He was also sworn into office here by his Father upon hearing of Hardings death. Plymouth, Vermont. 

    Herbert Hoovers birthplace. West Branch, Iowa. 

    Herbert Hoover home. I chose 2 homes to share for Hoover to illustrate how he went from orphan to self made millionaire. This is the house he lived in when he served as Secretary of Commerce under Harding and Coolidge. It is now an Embassy, not available to tour. Washington DC

    Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Springwood". He was born here and it would remain his lifelong home. Hyde Park, New York

    Harry S. Truman's home. Independence, Missouri

   Dwight D. Eisenhower's boyhood home. Abilene, Kansas

Dwight D. Eisenhower's Farm, Gettysburg, PA

    John F. Kennedy's birthplace. Brookline, Massachusetts 


John F. Kennedy family Compound Hyannisport, MA

    Lyndon B. Johnson's "LBJ Ranch". Stonewall, Texas

    Richard M. Nixon's birthplace. Yorba Linda, California 

   Gerald R. Ford's boyhood home. Private property, not available to tour. Grand Rapids, Michigan

   Jimmy Carter's boyhood farmhouse, Plains, Georgia

    Ronald Reagan's birthplace. He was born in the upstairs apartment above the bank. This was one of my favorite tours. Tampico, Illinois 

   Ronald Reagan's boyhood home. I added this because it is a more traditional house as compared to his apartment birthplace. Plus Reagan would of remembered this house better since he spent his teen years here. Dixon, Illinois 


George H. W. Bush boyhood home Greenwich, CT

    George H. W. Bush's "Walkers Point". Originally his Grandfathers home, this has been 41's lifelong vacation house. Bush still owns the house, so it is unavailable for tours. Kennebunkport, Maine. 

   Bill Clinton's boyhood home. He lived here at his Grandparents house while his Mom was at nurses school. Hope, Arkansas.

    George W. Bush's infant home. Bush 43 was born while his Dad was a student at Yale. At the time this house was reserved for students who were married. When George 41 and Barbara left the hospital this is where they brought their new baby home to. New Haven, Conneticut 

   Barack Obama's home. He still owned the house, which means added security and a tough time seeing the house. Even though he doesn't come around much anymore. I added the picture on the bottom which shows the house better. Chicago, Illinois


 Donald Trump's boyhood home in Queens, NY

   Many of the boyhood homes are pretty simple. I think it's really cool to see how men from such humble beginnings can achieve the highest office in the land. Only in America.....