Tuesday, August 9, 2011

John Adams

John Adams 2nd President of the United States (1797-1801)

Adams sites that I have visited: 
John Adams birthplace Quincy, MA
First Lady Abigail Adams birthplace and birthsite Weymouth. MA
Congress Hall site of Adams Inaguration Philadelphia, PA
Site of Presidents House Philadelphia, PA
Home 'Peacefield Quincy, MA
Gravesite United First Parish Church Quincy, MA

John Adams birthplace in Quincy, MA. It sits right next to the birthplace of his son, President John Quincy Adams. September 2009

Return visit in August 2017 with my kids

John Adams later lived in this house also, that sits right next to his birthplace. It is where his son, future President John Quincy Adams was born.

From a postcard, it shows the close proximity of the 2 Presidents birthplaces. J.Q Adams on the left and John Adams on the right. They are the 2 oldest, still standing Presidential birthplaces. To be more specific, the house in which J.Q. Adams was born in is actually older.

Historical marker for the Abigail Adams  birthplace. The house was moved here from down the street.

The house in which Abigail Adams was born

Just a stones throw down the road from the birthplace of Abigail Adams is this, the birthsite. The house down the street originally sat here, making this the birthsite. And this marker is on the house that sits on the birthsite today.

The house that sits on Abigail Adams birthsite. Weymouth, MA

My nephew Chris and I at Congress Hall in Philadelphia. Site of John Adams Inauguration

     Inside Congress Hall, where John Adams was sworn in as the 2nd President of the United States

     George Washington's 2nd Inaugural was also here

A partial reconstruction of the Presidents House in Philadelphia. John Adams lived here from 1797 - 1800, when he moved to The White House.

Me at the enterance to the Presidents House

I really enjoyed the Adams sites in Quincy. I had just watched the HBO
mini series John Adams before the trip which really increased the anticipation leading up to the trip.

Picture I took of John Adams home "Peacefield" in September 2009. The Peacefield tour was one of my favorites.

Picture I took of Peacefield in September 2013. This is where John Adams died in 1826.

Sitting on the porch in preparation for our tour in August 2017. The park ranger did a great job with the tour, and was thrilled to be in my picture I'm sure.

Peacefield in August 2017

My Mom, Dad, kids and I at Peacefield in August 2017

This building is, in a way the first Presidential Library. It is a collection of books belonging to Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. At the Adams 'Peacefield' home.

No pictures allowed inside the home or library. But this is a picture of the inside of the library. The image is on a wall in the visitors center.

With the John Adams statue across the street from the church where they are buried.

United First Parish Church, Quincy, MA. This is the church in which John Adams, John Quincy Adams and there wives are buried. Taken from the cemetery across the street where many members of the Adams family are buried. The cemetery is Hancock cemetery because of all of the members of John Hancocks family buried there also.

Memorial to Adams in the santuary of the church

Memorial marker for Adams outside the crypt

Inside the Adams crypt with the graves of John Adams, Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams and Louisa Catherine Adams

At the gravesite of John Adams for the first time in September 2009

Return trip to John Adams gravesite in September 2013

Most recent stop in August 2017 with my kids.

John Adams is one of the greats among our Founding Fathers. He pushed for Independence during the 2nd Continental Congress. He spent most of the Revolution in Europe as one of the United States first diplomat's. He was elected our first Vice President under George Washington in 1789. He only served one term as President before living out one of the longest retirements of any President. He lived to see his son John Quincy Adams become President. He died at his Peacefield home at the age of 90 on July 4th, 1826, the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson also died on the same day. Adams and Jefferson were the only 2 Presidents who Signed the Declaration of Independence. Only one other signer, Charles Carroll, outlived them.


  1. Hey Tim,

    I was up in the North Weymouth area today and went past the Abigail Adams birth house and took some photos. I tried to find the original house location using your photo as a guide but I couldn't find it. Do you think that looking at Google Maps you could give me an approximate location/address? I'd like to take some pictures of the plaque in the warmer weather when I am up there again. I tried both Norton St and North St, but wasn't sure which it was on. Also, the house in your photo seems to be fairly set back. Did you just walk right up to it no problem?


    - Kurt

    1. Hey Kurt,
      The 2 sites are very close, but it can be tricky. If you look at google maps, the red birthplace home is near Old North Cemetery. Southeast of the red house is an intersection where North st. runs north to south and Norton st. seems to turn into East St. running east and west. The white birth site house is near the intersection on the north side on East st. As I recall I parked in the driveway of the house at the T intersection of Rinaldo Rd. and East St. and then walked next door to the white birth site house. I hope this was helpful, let me know if you have anymore questions, take care.


  2. I see it now on Google street view. I never saw it because when I arrived I drove in on the other road, then looked in the opposite direction. Thanks for the help! The Roadside Presidents app recently added the birthplace home and I'm going to submit pictures in the warmer weather (when the grounds look nicer). But when I was Googling it I saw your picture of the original site and, being it has a plaque, they may want to add it to the app too, so I wanted to be sure I can get pictures in a few months. I was just scouting sites out today. Cabin fever I suppose. I want it to be summer!

    Thanks again for your help! Too bad we didn't meet up when you were here in September. We're only about an hour from the Quincy area. Maybe next time!

  3. Your welcome. I can relate to the cabin fever, I'm getting a little stir crazy myself. On our trip my wife really fell in love with Maine, so we will be heading up that way again eventually. So we will look you up then. I wasn't familiar with the Roadside Presidents app, so thank for bringing that to my attention. It has a lot of sites that I wasn't familiar with.

  4. Oh it's great. I primarily only deal with one of the people behind it but he's a terrific guy and they do an awesome job with everything. I love the humor they put into their writing as well. And the sites on the app have pinpoint accuracy as to location, which makes them easy to find. You'll really want to use it to find Agnew. Years ago, even with a cemetery employee it took us a long time. I wish the app had been around then!

  5. I find it very interesting all the sites they have on there. Pretty cool!