Thursday, August 11, 2011

Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren 8th President of the United States (1837-1841)

Van Buren sites that I have visited: 

Birthplace marker Kinderhook, NY
 The Decatur House Washington DC
Home 'Lindenwald' Kinderhook, NY
                                                     Gravesite Kinderhook Cemetery Kinderhook, NY

Historical marker at Van Burens birthsite. The house is long gone, so the historical marker is in some random yard in Kinderhook, NY

The house in which Van Buren was born is long gone, but this is what the birthsite looks like today.

The Decatur House, just a stones throw from the White House was once the home of Martin Van Buren

The Decatur House. Washington DC

Martin Van Buren's 'Lindenwald' home. I enjoyed the tour. Especially since they allowed pictures inside.

Picture I took of Lindenwald on my return trip in September 2013

Me at Lindenwald in September 2013

Van Buren's 'Lindenwald'  has been called the 'Monticello' of the north. It was the first house in America with running water and indoor plumbing. Having worked as a plumber myself, I found this particularly interesting.

Portrait of Van Buren in Lindenwald

Portrait of Martin Van Burens wife Hannah Hoes Van Buren. She died young, many years before Martin became President

The cane on the bed was a gift from Andrew Jackson

One of the earliest tubs in America

One of the earliest inhouse restrooms in America. it looks uncomfortable

One of the first indoor sinks in America

Hanging out with Martin Van Buren in downtown Kinderhook.

Probably the hardest to read of all Presidents Gravesites

Martin Van Buren's individual marker

Me at the Van Buren gravesite in Kinderhook, NY in September 2009. I left my sunglasses in the car and it was bright. Which explains the squinting.

My return trip to Van Buren's grave in September 2013

 Martin Van Buren was the first President to be born an American citizen. He was also the first President of non British decent. He was Dutch. Van Buren was Andrew Jacksons Vice President and hand picked successor. He also helped Jackson found the modern Democratic party. The Panic of 1837 was the Great Depression of Van Burens day. Much like Hoover 90 years later, Van Buren was blamed for the economic downturn. And also like Hoover he was limited to one term as a result.

In his retirement he twice attempted to run for President on minor party tickets. He died at his Lindenwald home in 1862.

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