Friday, August 19, 2011

Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th President of the United States (1885-1889) (1893-1897)

Cleveland sites that I have seen: 

Cleveland Birthplace Home Caldwell, NJ
Francis Folsom Cleveland Birthplace Home (private property) Buffalo, NY
 Cleveland Home "Westland" (private property) Princeton, NJ
                                                 Clevelands Gravesite in Princeton Cemetery Princeton, NJ

My nephew and I at Grover Cleveland Birthplace home in Caldwell, NJ

I visited Grover Clevelands birthplace on June 10, 2012. It was a nice little tour that I would recommend. The house was owned by the nearby church in which Clevelands father was pastor. It is the only house with a connection to Grover Cleveland that you can tour, except for the White House of course. They have several interesting artifacts like cake from the Clevelands White House wedding.

The room in which Cleveland was born.

Portrait of Cleveland in the house.

Fireplace in the house

This was an unexpected one. While in Buffalo at the TR Inagural site I was talking with the park service people there and they mentioned that First Lady Francis Folsom Cleveland's birthplace was just a few blocks away. They showed me on the map where it was on Edwards st. They also said that there is a historical marker there. Well I stopped and walked up and down that block on Edwards st. looking at each house then looked for a marker. When I couldn't find a marker I gave up and left. I later found this picture of the house online confirming that I was in the right spot. But if there was a historical marker there, I must be blind.

Grover Cleveland and his son at his Westland home

Me at Grover Clevelands "Westland" home in Princeton, NJ. He was living here in 1908 when he died in the house.

Grover Clevelands gravesite Princeton, NJ

Grover and I

Since Cleveland was both our 22nd and 24th President I visited his gravesite first thing once we hit the cemetery. We then explored some and saw some other gravesites like Aaron Burr. Before we left I changed my shirt and re visited the gravesite again before we left. I thought 2 non consecutive visited would be appropriate.

This whole hobby started with me wanting to visit all the gravesites of the Presidents. as it would turn out Grover Cleveland would be the final one that I would visit.

Cleveland is best known as the only President to serve 2 non consecutive terms. He started out as the second bachelor President, next to Buchanen. But it didn't stay that way. During his first term he married the daughter of his late, former law partner. Another interesting thing about Cleveland is that he was the only Democrat elected President between James Buchanen and Woodrow Wilson.

Cleveland died at his New Jersey home in 1908.

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