Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman 33rd President of the United States (1945-1953)

Truman sites that I have visited:

Truman Home, Boyhood Home and other sites along the Truman walking tour, Indpendence, MO

The Blair House: temporary residence and attempted assassination site. Washington DC
Truman Library and Museum Indpendence, MO

Truman statue in front of Courthouse in Independence, Missouri

Historical marker at Clinton's drugstore

Clinton's soda shop. Where Truman had his first job. Independence, MO

Symbol for the Truman walking trail in Independence

Courthouse in which Truman served as a Judge

These markers are along the sidewalk throughout the Truman walking trail.

Bess Truman Childhood home
My wife and I took a 4 day trip through the western midwest in March 2011. We started out by driving 12 hours through the night so that we could be at the Truman Library when they opened. We arrived in Indpependence with an hour to kill before the Library opened. So we walked some of the walking tour of Truman sites that they set up in Independence.

One of Trumans boyhood homes in Independence, MO

My wife in front of Trumans home in Independence.

Front of Trumans home in Independence, MO

The Blair House Washington DC. President Harry S. Truman was staying here while the White House was being renovated. While he was here there was an assassination attempt on Truman's life that was put down by a White House policeman. Unfortunatly the White House policeman was killed in the process.

Truman Library and Museum in Independence, MO

A picture inside the Truman Library

Truman's Oval office

The original 'The Buck Stops here!' sign

Trumans car

Guns used in the assassination attempt on Trumans life, which happened at the Blair House in DC.

Trumans Inaugural Bible

Actual newspaper Truman held up in the famous picture after narrowly winning re election

Harry and I

Trumans office at the Library. Truman once said that he wanted to be buried "..out there" pointing to the Museums courtyard. So that if I wanted to get up and come back in I can.

Trumans gravesite from his office door.

Truman gravesite in the courtyard at Truman's Library and Museum

Me at the Truman gravesite.

The Truman Library and Museum is one of the better ones. I think that it is because Truman lived just up the road and had an office there for many years of his retirement from the White House.

There are many amazing stories in American Presidential history. But I think that the story of Harry S. Truman is defiiantly one of the most interesting. He was a County Judge for awhile until his term limit expired. Then he was elected to the U. S. Senate in 1934. He spent 10 years in the Senate when FDR picked him as his running mate in the election of 1944 to balance the ticket. He was only Vice President for less then 3 months when FDR died unexpectedly. Truman assumed the Presidency at one of the most pivotal times in our history. It was now his job to play the end game of WW2. He made one of the toughest choices any President ever had to make. Wheather or not to drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan or not. He would have 2 bombs dropped on Japan. The first was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. When Japan refused to surrender we dropped another bomb on Nagasaki. It was a controversial decision but it saved lives on both sides based on an estimation of casualties that it would take to make a land invation of Japan.

Truman went on to be elected in his own right in 1948. He lived out a nice retirement in Independence and died in 1972.

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