Friday, August 12, 2011

John Tyler

John Tyler 10th President of the United States (1841-1845)

 Tyler sites that I have visited: 

Tyler's Birthplace "Greenway" (private) Charles City Co., VA
Home 'Sherwood Forrest' Charles City Co., VA
 Gravesite Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, VA

This is the historical marker, marking the spot of John Tylers birth.

'Greenway' birthplace of President John Tyler. It is private property now. So I dare not get any closer.
After a good day of site seeing we had already seen Monticello, Ash Lawn- Highland, Hollywood Cemetery, and Berkeley Plantation. On the same road as Berkeley plantation is Greenway plantation, birthplace of John Tyler. If you continue down the road towards Williamsburg you will come across Tyler's 'Sherwood Forrest' home.

We arrived at Sherwood Forest after 5pm. We could see the house but signs were all over saying 'No Tresspassing after 5'. Even then we considered running up to the house to get good pictures, but there were lawnmowers running. I guess I did'nt want to risk any trouble. When we visited in 1998 we got to go right up to the house. Unfortunatley I don't have any pictures from that trip.

The best picture I have of Tyler's Sherwood Forest, sorry

From a postcard. A better picture of Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is the longest frame house in the country. It is still private property owned by John Tylers grandson. That's right, grandson, not great grandson, or great great grandson, but grandson. You see, John Tylers 2nd wife was 30 years younger then he was. Which made it easy for him to keep fathering children well into his 60's. One of Tyler's younger sons did the same thing when we was an old man. And so now, about 150 years after Tyler's death, he has an 80 something year old grandson who owns his house.

Me at John Tylers gravesite in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA Notice the cage like grave of President Monroe in the background.

John Tyler was the first accidential President, meaning that no one ever intended him to be President. But after William Henry Harrison's death one month into office, John Tyler assumed the Presidency. His biggest contribution to the Presidency is that he stood firm and became President. At the time some were suggesting that he was only acting President until a new election could be arranged. Sec. of State Daniel Webster told Tyler that he and the rest of the cabinet would make all executive decisions from now on. Tyler demanded their cooperation, or their resignation.

When the Civil War came, Tyler sided with the Confederacy. He was even elected to the Confederate House of Represenatives. He died in 1862, a traitor.

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