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Richard M. Nixon

Richard M. Nixon 37th President of the United States (1969-1974)

Nixon sites that I have visited:

Nixon Library, Museum, Birthplace and Gravesite Yorba Linda, CA
Site of Nixon's "I am not a crook speech", Contemporary Resort Hotel Orlando, Florida

The 2 historical markers in front of Nixon's birthplace. One was placed there when he was Vice President and another was President

Nixon Birthplace home Yorba Linda, CA

Nixon's birthplace living room

The room in which Richard Nixon was born

Nixon's father ran a citrus farm on this property at the time that Richard Nixon was born. The house remained standing and after his Presidency Nixon picked this site to have his Library and Museum built.
All of the main sites that you can visit that have to do with the life of Richard M. Nixon  are all in one place. The Nixon Birthplace and Museum in Yorba Linda, CA has his birthplace home, his Library and Museum, and his gravesite.  

Entrance to the Nixon Library

Inside the entrance

Cardboard cutout of the famous Nixon Elvis meeting

I really like this quote that President Clinton made at Nixon's funeral

One of Nixons Presidential motorcade rides

Watching the recording of Nixon's funeral was interesting

Nixon was of course Eisenhowers Vice President for 8 years. And he did alot to make the Vice Presidency more important and more like what it is today.

Nixon is one of our best foreign policy Presidents.

Most Presidential Libraries have replicas of the Presidents Oval office. Nixon wanted a replica of the Linocln sitting room instead.

Reflecting pool at Nixon Library

Presidential helicopter

In June 2013, I was on vacation, eating dinner at Chef Mickey's in Disney Worlds Contemporary Hotel in Orlando, Florida. My nephew Chris is a history buff like me. He also is a big fan of everything Disney. So it came up casually in dinner conversation that we were eating in the same hotel that Richard Nixon gave his famous (or infamous) "I am not a crook speech". This had never occurred to me. I guess I always assumed that the speech was given in DC.

After Dinner, Chris and I started to look into the exact location. From a brief google search, we discovered that indeed, the speech had taken place in a ball room on the second floor. When we got to the second floor there were like 4 or 5 ball rooms. So we needed more information. We went down to the front desk and looked down the long front desk. Most of the people at the desks were busy helping others, plus they were mostly 20 somethings that probably didn't even know who Richard Nixon was.

We found one that was available and took a stab at it. I said, "I know this is a strange question, but do you have any idea which ballroom on the second floor Richard Nixon gave his, "I am not a crook speech"? As expected I recieved a blank stare. He said, "No, but the manager is right behind you and she may know". I said Thank you and turned around. The manager lady was just finishing helping someone else when we approached her. I asked the same thing to her and she said, "Why Yes! It happened in the Ballroom of the Americas of the second floor. I can take you in there if you'd like?" Well this was a much better reaction then I expected. Of course my answer was a very grateful Yes.

We headed up there where the rest of my family was waiting. She unlocked the door and we got to go in to see it. We come to find out that the manager was a fan of Presidential History herself, and had a goal of visiting all of the Presidential Libraries. We walked around and got some pictures, and talked with the friendly manager. It was all a very pleasant surprise!

Nixon during the " I am not a crook " speech. It was the begining of the end of the Nixon Presidency, which would end in resignation less then a year later.

My brother in law and nephews join me in posing with the Ballroom of the Americas sign above us.

The Ballroom of the Americas today

Me at the podium where Nixon gave the speech

Gravesite of Richard and Pat Nixon

Me at Nixons gravesite. Yorba Linda, CA

Nixon had been a Congressman, a Senator and Eisenhowers Vice President. He ran for President in 1960 against John F. Kennedy and was narrowly defeated. He ran again in 1968 and won. He won re election in 1972 in one of the biggest landslide victories in history.

Nixon is the ultimate contradictory President. He did alot of good in the way of foreign policy with China and Russia. But the break in at the Watergate Hotel by men underneath him would be his downfall. Today he is mostly remembered for the corruption of Watergate. He did however live long enough to gain a bit of dignity and respect, advising other Presidents on foreign policy. He died in 1994.

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