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William McKinley

William McKinley 25th President of the United States (1897-1901)

McKinley sites I have visited: 

McKinley reconstructed birthplace home Niles, OH
McKinley Memorial Library and Museum Niles, OH
 Saxton McKinley House Canton, OH
McKinley Home  historical marker Canton, OH
McKinley assassination site historical marker Buffalo, NY
McKinley death site historical marker Buffalo, NY
 McKinley Library and Museum and Tomb Canton, OH

McKinley reconstructed birthplace Niles, OH

The original home in which William McKinley was born is long gone. For years there was a bank on the site. But in the last 10 years or so the bank was torn down and a reconstruction of his birthplace home was built on the site. A couple blocks away is the McKinley Memorial Library and Museum. On the day I visited Niles both the reconstructed home, and the Library Museum was closed. So someday I will need to return to see what is inside.

McKinley Library and Museum in Niles, OH. near his birthplace

Enterance to McKinley Library and Museum in Niles, OH

Me with the McKinley statue in Niles

Saxton McKinley House Canton, OH

The Saxton McKinley house in Canton was the home of William McKinley's in laws. William and his wife Ida lived here for some time as well. An interesting thing in Presidential history happened here in 1880. A reunion for one of  Ohio's Civil War regiments was held here. In attendance was of course William McKinley, who was a Congressman from Ohio at the time. Also in attendance was another Congressman from Ohio James A. Garfield, who was running for President that year. Also there was then President Rutherford B. Hayes. All 3 men spend the night in the house, making it the only time that 3 Presidents spent the night in the same private residence. The House is now part of the National First Ladies Museum.

This is the public library that now sits on the property of  McKinley's house in Canton.

The house in which the McKinley's were living when William ran for President is long gone. The library above sits on the property. Just like Ohio President Garfield before him, and Ohio President Harding after him, McKinley ran a front porch campaign from his home here.

Klo and I in front of the McKinley Library and Museum in Canton, right beside the McKinley Tomb.

There are 2 McKinley Library and Museums. One is in Niles, OH near McKinley's birthplace. The other one is on the same property as his Tomb in Canton, OH. The one in Canton is a little misleading. The Museum in Canton has numerous random displayes including Dinosaurs, Science, local history, among other things. Really only one room is dedicated to McKinley. We had a good time though.

My nephew Chris at the dinosaur display at the McKinley Museum in Canton

We had a little to much fun at the shadow catcher in the Science area of the Museum. I am doing what I call the 'Richard Nixon' pose.

An animatronic William and Ida McKinley talk to you when you enter the only room in the Museum that has anything to do with them. A little creepy.

Me at the site in which President McKinley was shot

Me at the site in which McKinley died. This picture is a little fuzzy because I took it with my phone. As I left Fillmores grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery I suddenly couldn't view my pictures on my camera. It was acting funny. At this point I was dreading the possibility that all the pictures that I took in the last week may be ruined. As it turned out only about 20 pics in the middle were ruined.

McKinley Tomb Canton, OH


Statue of McKinley at his Tomb

Khloe and I in the McKinley Tomb in October 2009

2 years after the picture above was taken with Khloe and I. I got a picture here with Khloe and her little brother Nicky.

Stopped by the McKinley tomb early in 2016. But the tomb was locked

Summer 2017 revisit

My kids with President McKinley

The McKinley Tomb is another example of huge tombs given to Presidents who die in office.

 McKinley was very popular. He was the last Civil War veteran to be President. He survived the horrible bloodshed at Antietam only to be shot and killed as President. He led the country through the Spanish American War. He won reelection in 1900. While attending the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, McKinley was shaking hands with the crowd. A young anarchist Leon Czologosz appeared to have a bandaged hand when he approached the President and shot him. He was hiding a gun in the bandage. McKinley died a few days later on September 14, 1901.

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