Friday, August 19, 2011

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison 23rd President of the United States (1889-1893)

Harrison sites that I have seen:
Birthplace marker, North Bend, OH

Site of Point Farm, boyhood home North Bend, OH

 House at Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, Indianapolis, IN

 Gravesite in Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, IN

Information board at the WH Harrison Tomb. Ben's Grandpa - General (and future President) William Henry Harrison settled in North Bend after his retirement from the Army. This fact led to Ben being born here at his Grandpa's house.

Historical marker in North Bend, OH marking the site of Benjamin Harrison's birth

The site of Benjamin Harrisons birth. The original house caught fire in 1858 and eventually torn down. 

In North Bend, OH there is a large Tomb for William Henry Harrison, our 9th President. Just a few blocks away was the location of W. H. Harrisons North Bend home. His grandson Benjamin Harrison, our 23rd President was born here. The Harrison home is long gone. But there is a double sided Ohio Historical marker on the property informing everyone that it was the site of W. H. Harrison's home and B. Harrison's birthplace.

Site of Point Farm, Benjamin Harrison's boyhood home in North Bend, Ohio. 

Point Farm was given to John Scott Harrison by his father William Henry Harrison. John Scott's son Benjamin would live here for most of his childhood. The site is now a power plant. 

A picture of the house at Point Farm.

A close up of the historic marker for Point Farm.

Me at the site of Point Farm, Benjamin Harrison's boyhood home.

Benjamin Harrison's home in March 2011, Indianapolis, IN

With my Mom at the Harrison home in May 2014. This time I got to take the tour. We were the first ones there and took a 2 tour on what is usually is a 1 hr 15 minute tour. My Mom and niece were with me and it was just us and the tour guide. I guess that we talked with the tour guide and asked more questions that most people. I really enjoyed it! 

Portrait of Ben's Grandpa President William Henry Harrison over the fireplace. 

                  Harrison's desk

            Harrison's book collection

Document making Benjamin Harrison a General. Signed by Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton.

       Me and Harrison's Inaugural Bible

                     Dining room

Harrison's White House china on the top and Lincoln's on the bottom

Baby crib belonging to William Henry Harrison for his children. 

Baby crib that an infant Benjamin Harrison slept in

        Benjamin Harrison's deathbed

                 A late 1800's gym

Replica of First Lady Caroline Harrison's official portrait. She died a couple of weeks before Ben lost re election. Ben was later remarried to Caroline's niece. His older 2 kids pretty much disowned him. He had a daughter with his new wife Mary. Sadly his youngest daughter was only 4 years old when he died. 

Ben's desks that he used at his law office

   A lock of William Henry Harrisons hair

My first stop to Ben Harrisons grave in May 2009 with my niece and nephew. 

Me at Benjamin Harrison's gravesite in Indianapolis, IN. March 2011

Most recent stop at Ben Harrison's grave with my Mom in May 2014

Benjamin Harrison was a member of one of the first powerful political families in the United States. His Great Grandfather Benjamin Harrison V was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. His Grandfather William Henry Harrison was President. His Dad John Scott Harrison was a U. S. Congressman. He was the last Civil War General to be President, following the likes of Grant, Hayes, Garfield and Arthur. He narrowly beat Grover Cleveland when Cleveland was running for re election in 1888. Cleveland got his political revenge when he beat Harrison 4 years later when Harrison was trying to get re elected.

Harrison lived the rest of his life as a lawyer in Indianapolis until his death in 1901.


  1. Hey I was wondering if you would know what power plant the Point Park stone is located at. Me and my dad made a trip up there and didn't know a thing about it being in North Bend. Maybe you can help me as far as the location. Thanks :)

    1. Hey Christian, I don't have the name of the power plant. But it's not hard to find. Next time you are in North Bend go to the William Henry Harrison Tomb. Brower Road runs east to west in front of the Tomb, along the river. From Harrison's Tomb head west on Brower Road. After about 6 miles you will come to the entrance to the power plant on the south side of the road. Feel free to use my pictures as references. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  2. We will be sure to do that. Thanks again for your help!