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Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes 19th President of the United States (1877-1881)      
Hayes sites that I have visited: 

Birthplace marker, Delaware, OH

 First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes Birthplace Chilicothe, OH

 Boyhood home site Delaware, OH

Presidential Retreat at Soldiers Home Washington DC

Hayes original gravesite Oakwood Cemetery Fremont, Ohio

  Hayes home 'Speigel Grove' Library, Museum and gravesite Fremont, OH

What President Hayes birthplace looked like

Hayes birthplace marker. Delaware, OH. The property that Hayes was born on is now a BP station. February 2010


October 4, 2014. Visiting Hayes birthplace on his 192nd birthday.

Lucy Hayes Birthplace Chilicothe, OH

Lucy Hayes birthplace home in Chilicothe, OH

This church sits on the site of one of Hayes boyhood homes. It is just a couple of blocks from his birthplace.

I just happened to stumble upon this historic marker while walking to my car after eating dinner at a nearby restaurant.

My kids

My boys and I

Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museum Fremont, OH

The Speigel Grove property in Fremont, OH is a great site for all Presidential history buffs. This was the home of President Hayes. His Library and Museum is right next to his house, and he is also buried on the property. His Library and Museum is the first Presidential Library and Museum that can be compared to the the modern ones ran by the National Archives for every President since Hoover. The Hayes Library opened in 1916. FDR also claimes the first Presidential Library. But FDR's was the first ran by the National Archives, which opened in 1941.

The Old enterance to the Hayes library. These gates used to serve as the gates for the White House

My daughter Khloe shows off Hayes Civil War battle flag

A young Rutherford and Lucy Hayes

A scene from Hayes Civil War days

Hayes Inaugural Bible

Chair that President Hayes sat in during his Inauguration

The Hayes's had this built for White House use in 1880

Official portraits

Dress worn by Lucy Hayes in the official portrait

My son Nicky loves trains and really admired this old train set that belonged to one of Hayes' sons

In 2016 the Hayes Center turned 100. So leading up to it they underwent a big renovation and they reopened to the public on Memorial Day weekend. I stopped by on Sunday of that weekend to check it out. The following pictures are of the newly renovated Museum. 

New display case for Inaugural chair and Bible

President Hayes 's stagecoach

The presidents initials on his stagecoach

This talks about how Hayes used the soldiers home and Washington  DC as his presidential retreat. Lincoln also used the house and so now it is referred to as The Lincoln cottage

New resolute desk replica

New presidential podium display

This bust isn't new but my daughter wanted to take a picture of me with it

Hayes was big into researching his geneology. So his Library is a great sourse for geneology research. My family has done research there on our own geneology.

Hayes Speigel Grove home. Fremont, OH

The Hayes home is filled with original Hayes furniture and other items owned by the Hayes family. It's a nice tour. The property is kind of like a park. It's great to just go for a walk. Which I have done many times. I grew up only about an hour from Fremont.

The Speigel Grove property

All over the Speigel Grove property are trees with plaques on them of famous people. The tradition is that if someone famous visits they will touch a tree and a plaque will be placed on the tree with the persons name and the year of their visit, and also what kind of tree it is.  Grover Cleveland touched this tree in 1893. Hayes died in January of that year. He was on his way to Washington to be there for Clevelands Inaguaration for his 2nd non consecutive term. Hayes took sick en route and had to return home, where he died.  Cleveland attended Hayes' funeral in Fremont saying that 'he was on his way to see me. So I came to see him.'  I can only assume that Cleveland touched this tree when he was in Fremont for Hayes' funeral.

Soilders Home, Washington DC. Hayes used this as a retreat from the White House. But since Lincoln used the house first to draft the Emancipation Proclamation, It is now called the "Lincoln Cottage". You won't learn much about Hayes if you visit here.

Not far from Speigel Grove is Oakwood Cemetery. President and the First Lady were buried here until around 1915 when they were moved and reburied near their house. Now several of their kids and Grandkids are buried here.

Me at Hayes gravesite. Fremont, OH

A later stop at Hayes grave with my kids

Spring 2014 at Hayes gravesite with all 3 of my kids

Most recently in February 2017

Hayes was a Civil War General and Governor of Ohio before moving to the White House. He was narrowly elected. In a highly contested election, Hayes won by only one electorial vote. Hayes ended post Civil War Reconstruction of the south. He was President at a time that most people didn't expect much out of the President. Big business was on the rise. Guys like Carnagie and Rockefeller seemed more powerful than any politician. It would more or less stay that way until Theodore Roosevelt came along and started his trust busting.

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