Saturday, August 13, 2011

Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore 13th President of the United States (1850-1853)

Fillmore sites that I have seen:  

Birthplace historical marker Summerhill, NY
 Fillmore Home East Aurora, NY
Gravesite at Forest Lawn Cemetery Buffalo, NY

Millard Fillmore Birthplace, Summerhill, NY

A shelter house and flag at Fillmore's birthplace

I stopped by Fillmores birthplace on the way home from my June 2012 NY NJ trip. I wasn't satisfied with driving the 8 hours home with nothing to look forward to but home. So I decided to get an early start and go about 3 hours out of the way so that we could go home through upstate New York instead of Pennsylvania. There was alot more to see on the way home through New York. Fillmores birthplace would be the first of those stops. I was pleased to see that there was a small driveway and shelter house at the site, on top of the historical marker. Had I known I would of hit the McDonalds drive through and eat our breakfast there.

Fillmore's home in East Aurora, NY

I quick pic of the fireplace in Fillmores Home.

Me at Fillmores House

Millard Fillmores East Aurora, NY house was the final historical stop of my June 2012 NY NJ trip. We didn't have time to take to $10, but I was interested to see what their gift shop had to offer. As they took us to the small gift shop area in the back of the house. I am pretty sure that I got to see every room in the house. Some other time it would be nice to take the full tour.

Khloe and I at Fillmore's gravesite in September 2009

Nicky and I at Fillmore's gravesite in June 2012

Fillmore was the second accidental President. Assuming the Presidency after Zachary Taylors death. He was the first of the dough faced Presidents, as my high school history teacher called them. Which included Fillmore, Pierce and Buchanen. Dough faced, meaning they were easily manipulated and not very strong against slavery. Fillmore signed the Comprimise of 1850, which brought California into the union as a free state and postponed the Civil War for about 10 years. He publicly opposed Lincoln during the Civil War. Which made him very unpopular after Lincoln's assassination. He died in 1874.

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