Sunday, November 4, 2012

Election of 2012 Special

Fireworks at a Mitt Romney rally in Defiance, OH

If you followed my Trip posts, you would know that I finished my collection of Presidential Gravesites in June 2012. The day after we got back from that trip we found out that we were expecting our 3rd child. This hobby took a backseat to preparation for our new arrival, due in February 2013.

As election day quickly approached, Ohio seemed to be more and more important. Which means all the main players started coming to my area. I had looked into seeing some of them earlier in the fall, but the time never seemed to work for me. On the night of Tuesday October 23 (exactly 2 weeks before the election) I was laying in bed, and realized that I hadn't checked the canidates schedule in awhile. So I looked on both Romney and Obama's websites, and saw that Mitt Romney would be Defiance on that Thursday night, October 25. So that very night I got my ticket. This would be the first of 3 campain events that I would attend inside of 8 days.

This event was in the football stadium of Defiance High School.

T shirts buttons and hats are pretty common

I spotted Ohio Governor John Kasich on the track

Governor Kasich

Big and Rich provide entertainment

Special guest Meatloaf

From the Band "Alabama" Randy Owen

The crowd was huge

Governor Kasich and Senator Rob Portman on the telaprompter. Portman helps Romney during debate prep. While practicing, he pretends to be Barack Obama.

Presidential Canidate Governor Mitt Romney

The fireworks were an amazing finally to an exciting rally.

On the teleprompter, L to R Randy Owen, Meatloaf, Mitt Romney, John Rich and Big Kenny

Nicky loved playing with the signs I brought home.

On Wednesday, the day after I got my ticket to the Romney Rally, I found out that VP canidate Paul Ryan would be in Findlay on the upcoming Sunday October 28. The next day I got my tickets to the event, as well as tickets for my wife and nephew. On that Saturday, the day before the Paul Ryan Rally, it was announced that due to Hurricane Sandy, Mitt Romney had to cancel events in Virginia, and that he would be joining Paul Ryan in Findlay. So after church we grabbed a quick lunch and got in line. We were lucky enough to be one of the first few through the door, and we got very close to the podium.

Waiting in line in Findlay to see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Five for Fighting singer John Ondrasik

My wife Dani and John Rich

Big and Rich perform with Cowboy Troy

Congressman Bob Latta

Canidate for U. S. Senate Josh Mandel

Ohio's Lt. Governor Mary Taylor

Vice Presidential Canidate Paul Ryan

Senator Rob Portman again

Mitt Romney takes the stage

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and I

After shaking hands with both Romney and Ryan, I got this picture of them continuing down the line

My nephew Christopher on the left, with Romney and Ryan in the background

On Wednesday October 31, I heard the news that President Obama would be campaigning in nearby Lima on Friday afternoon. I figured this would be the best chance I would ever have to see this President in person. So I took it.

Waiting in line to see the President at Lima Senior High School.

Waiting to see the President in Lima Senior High School Gym

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland

Obama takes the stage

The President and I

After attending these rallies I left with a great appreciation for the American way of life. These men are going for the most powerful job in the world. But they need our vote to get it. It is a uniquely American Experience that I strongly suggest that people check out.