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Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge 30th President of the United States (1923-1929)

Coolidge sites that I have seen: 

Calvin Coolidge Birthplace, Boyhood Home / Inagural Site / Presidential Retreat Plymouth Notch, Vermont

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum at Forbes Library Northampton, Mass.
 Coolidge Homes /deathsite Northampton, Mass
Coolidge gravesite at Plymouth Cemetery, Plymouth Notch, Vermont

The Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site in Plymouth Notch, VT is in my top 3 of all Presidential sites. It includes the small town that Coolidge was born and raised in. He would return often throughout his life. It was here that he was staying when he received word that President Harding was dead, and that he was now the President. His Notary Public Father swore him into office by candle light. As President he would use this site as his Presidential retreat or Summer White House. And it is also here, just down the road from the town that he is buried along with 7 generations of his family.

The Coolidge site visitors center. I have been to Plymouth Notch 3 times. September 2009, September 2013, and August 2017. I finally got to explore the visitors center and museum on our 2017 visit.

Coolidge Dawes 1924 Campaign banner in the Visitors Center.

Display in Coolidge Homestead visitors center where you can ask certain questions and Coolidge will answer

Coolidge family baby crib, probably used by an infant Coolidge.

Painting showing Coolidge taking the oath of office by candlelight, by his father. Upon Harding's death

More displays in Coolidge Homestead visitors center


My kids in Plymouth, VT 2017

The store that Coolidges father owned when he was born. Calvin was born in the living area in the back.

Hanging out on the porch

Moxie was Coolidge's favorite drink. So they are well stocked in Moxie merchandise at the store once owned by his father.

Instagram pic of my about to enjoy a Moxie.

This is the living area where Calvin Coolidge was born in the back of the convenience store.

At the Coolidge birthplace in 2013

Picture from my 2017 visit

Information board upstairs of Coolidge's birthplace

Upstairs of Coolidge's birthplace

This area upstairs above the store was used as Coolidge's Summer White House office. Town gatherings were also held here.

The room in which Coolidge was born.

Where Coolidge was born

The Coolidge Historical site in Plymouth Notch, Vermont is one of my favorites. The very small town sites in a valley in the Vermont wilderness. The town looks just as it did when Coolidge lived here.

Plymouth Notch, Vermont

Coolidge hanging out with Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and his father in front of the family home.

This house across the street from the birthplace is the Coolidge Homestead. Calvin's family moved here when he was 4. It is also the house in which he took the oath of office by candle light after Harding's death.

At the Coolidge Homestead


The Coolidge homestead above is where Calvin Coolidge was staying when he received word that Warren G. Harding had died, and he was now President. His father, who was a Notery and swore him into office by candle light with the family Bible. The next morning Coolidge took a small walk down the road to the towns cemetery where his mother and 5 generations of his family where buried. He then headed to Washington to assume the Presidency. Coolidge and his sons are now buried at the towns cemetery. Making 7 generations of Coolidge's buried there.

The site of Calvin Coolidge's Inauguration with the original family Bible that he was sworn into office in.

My kids in the Inauguration room in 2017

Me to

The barn across the street from the store had some interesting artifacts

My kids learning how the barns were built.

Looking down the street.

The Coolidge's also owned a Cheese factory and store. They still make the same cheese that they did in Coolidge;s day. It is a white cheese that is cheddar based. On my 2017 stop they seemed to have a lot more variations of their cheese available. All pretty good.

Where the cheese is made.

Behind the Cheese factory is the site of Coolidge's school house. It's not the original one that Coolidge would of attended. But it was cool to see none the less.


Grant learning about tree rings.

Khloe learns how Coolidge transported water

Nick to


The scenery was beautiful. Taken in 2009.

More nice scenery. Taken in 2013

Forbes Library Northampton, Mass. Home of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum. It is the only public library to hold a Presidential collection.

Enterance into the Coolidge Museum area

Coolidge liked to goof around by dressing up for various photo ops. Here is a portrait of him dressed like an Indian chief.

Official White House Portraits of the President and First Lady Grace Coolidge.

Chair Coolidge used while serving in the Massachusetts state legislature

A fish that Coolidge caught

Coolidges chair and desk from his law practice

Door from Coolidges Law Office

Old sign leading you to Coolidges home

Coolidges house on Massasoit St. in Northampton. He lived in the left part of the duplex from 1906 - 1930

Historic marker on the Massasoit St. home

Former President Coolidge moved into "The Beeches" here at 16 Hampton Terrace in Northampton, Mass. in 1930. It was here that Coolidge died suddenly of a heart attack in 1933.

Private property kept me from getting much closer. Especially since the owner was out and about in the yard. In the bottom right you can see a similar Coolidge historical marker as to what was on the other house on Massasoit St. But I did get to see some of the house through the trees.

Back to Plymouth Notch, VT. To the grave of President Coolidge

My first stop at Coolidge's gravesite in 2009

My return trip to Coolidge;s grave in 2013

Back again in 2017

Most recent stop in August 2017

Calvin Coolidge was a good decent man who restored confidence in the Presidency as the corruption of the Harding administration was coming to light. He was Governor of Massachusetts when he was chosen as Harding's Vice Presidential canididate.

He won the election of 1924 in his own right. As President he cut taxes several times. Which helped contribute to what we know as the roaring 20's.

When Ronald Reagan was elected President he had the Presidential portrait of Calvin Coolidge brought out of storage and hung on The White House walls. Coolidge was Reagans favorite President. So for me as a fan of Reagan, Silent Cal is up there among my favorites.

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