Monday, August 8, 2011

Visiting the Presidents

The White House, home to every President from John Adams to Barak Obama
   This is a blog documenting my trips to historical sites all around the country. Particularly ones connected with the Presidents of the United States (POTUS). Which has become one of my great passions. I am new to this so bear with me.

    I have always had an interest in the Presidents since I was given a book about the Presidents around age 10. Growing up I visited several Presidential sites in my home state of Ohio. I also visited several around Washington DC and Virginia on a family vacation when I was around 16. 

    In early 2009, my wife and I were blessed to welcome our little girl Khloe. Shortly after we decided to drive down to Texas so that some of my wives family down there can meet our little girl. The thought occurred to me that we could maybe hit some Presidential sites on the way down. I quickly became framiliar with the locations of all of the Presidential gravesites. After I read the book Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb? my focus pointed to all of the Presidential gravesites and see as much of the birthplaces and homes that I could see along the way. I know that may come off as a bit morbid. But I view cemeteries and gravesites as historical sites and visiting them as a way to pay my respects. I also see them as a connection to the past, just like any other historical site. Since then I have visited 32 Presidential gravesites, 21 birthplaces, and many houses and libraries.

    I will post pages for each President at my earliest convenience.

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  1. Hi from England. Found your web pages - very useful and interesting. I'm about to embark in April/May on my 6th vacation in last 3 years visiting presidential sites, graves etc. To New England - except finding that several of the sites only open in the summer! Hoping to do Adams's, JFK Museum/birthplace, Pierce, Coolidge, Arthur - will then be around half of presidents visited. Regards,