Sunday, August 14, 2011

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson 17th President of the United States (1865-1869)

Andrew Johnson sites that I have visited: 

Johnson homes, Tailor shop, and gravesite at Andrew Johnson National Historic Site Greeneville, TN

Andrew Johnson REPLICA birthplace in Greeneville, TN. His actual birthplace is in Raliegh, NC. Which I still need to see some day.

Inside the replica birthplace. Johnson was born in a kitchen

a map of the Johnson sites in Greeneville, TN

Andrew Johnson's home from the 1830's to 1851

Imside Johnsons earlier house

Me with a statue of Johnson in Greeneville. There is an identical statue of Johnson on the Tennessee State Capital Building in Nashville

Johnson Homestead. Andrew Johnson's home from 1851 - 1875

Back of Johnsons Homestead

President Johnsons backyard

A creek behind Johnsons homestead

National parks visitors center. Johnsons Tailor Shop is inside.

Andrew Johnson's Tailor shop. The visitors center was built around it.

Me waving to my wife through the Tailors shop

Johnsons coat and tools. Inside the visitors center museum

Inagural Bible

Up the street from the Johnson Homestead is another house that Andrew Johnson once owned

Andrew Johnson owned this house

Andrew Johnson's gravesite. Greeneville, TN

I visited Andrew Johnson sites in Greeneville, TN in March 2012. The visit kicked off 4 days of a lot of great site seeing. We spent the night in Knoxville and arrived in Greeneville a half hour before the National Park service site would open. So we walked around Greeneville and took some pictures of Andrew Johnson's homes. When the National Park Site opened at 9am we walked in to see when we could tour the Homestead. The lady said 1:30 would be the earliest since about 100 3rd graders had the morning booked. So we saw the museum and Tailor shop in the visitors center and took the self guided tours of the earlier Johnson home and the replica birthplace. We then headed to Andrew Johnson National Cemetery and President Johnson's gravesite. President Johnson was buried wraped in an American flag with his head resting on a copy of the Constitution.
Johnson was picked as Lincoln's running mate to balance the ticket. Johnson was the only Senator from the south to stay loyal to the Union. He was a pro Union Southern Democrat, which made him a very unique choice to balance Lincoln. After just a few weeks as Vice President he had to assume the Presidency upon Lincoln's death.

Andrew Johnson was the first President to be Impeached. He avoided removal from office by just one vote. The charges were really ridiculous. President Johnson fired Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. Congress had passed a law that the President needs congressional approval to fire his cabinet members. So they started the Impeachment process. Imagine today if Barak Obama needed congressional approval to fire his Sec. of Defense. The law itself was simply put, stupid.

Andrew Johnson would become the only former President to be elected to the U. S. Senate. He died in 1875.

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