Thursday, September 1, 2011

George H. W. Bush

George Bush 41st President of the United States (1989-1993)

Bush sites that I have visited: 

Bush Birthplace Home Milton, Mass.

Bush boyhood home, Greenwich, CT
 Bush family vacation home, Walker's Point Kennebunkport, Maine
 Bush's student housing at Yale New Haven, CT.

Parents gravesite, Greenwich, CT
Bush Library and future gravesite College Station, TX

With the historic marker in front of the house in which George Herbert Walker Bush was born. Milton, Mass. near Boston.

The house in which President Bush was born is now private property. And the owner does a good job of keeping the house hidden behind the overgrown trees. To keep away people like me, no doubt.

Bush boyhood home Greenwich, CT. He spent most of his childhood here.


Walker's Point, Kennebunkport, Maine. This is the life long summer home of the Bush Family. President George Herbert Walker Bush is named after his Grandfather George Herbert Walker. This was his Grandfather's families home originally. As a kid, George Bush spent Summers here, and he still comes here occasionally. I was surprised how close you can get to it.

I thought this was cool. When zooming in on the flag pole. The USA Flag at top, and Texas and Maine flags on the sides.

2 days before we stopped here, former President Bush made headlines by attending a lesbian wedding of family friends in Maine. So it is likely that he was staying here at the time of our visit our at least shortly before.

Me over looking Walker's Point

From my return trip in August 2017. This is the other side of Bush's Walker's Point home.

It hasn't changed much in 4 years.

When George Bush attended Yale he lived here in this house. At the time this house was reserved for students with families. And at the time George was married and had a young son. So he lived in one of the apartments here.

Gravesite of Bush's parents. Senator Prescott and Dorthy Walker Bush. Bush's daughter Robin was also buried here until she was moved to her parents future burial site at the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, TX.

The kids and I at the George Bush Library. College Station, TX

This statue at the Bush Library has horses trampling actual pieces of the Berlin Wall.

Starring contest with the statue of Bush.

A model of the U. S. Capital at the Bush Library

They had a nice play area for kids that my Khloe really enjoyed.

2 future Presidents and a first lady. George Bush was a student at Yale when his son George W. Bush was born.

My wife and kids even enjoyed the museum

Bush's oval office

Goofing off at the Presidential podium

a piece of the Berlin Wall

Desert Storm display

Bush situation room

Portrait of both President Bush's

Bush gravesite. College Station, TX

Me at the future gravesite of George Bush

I thought the George Bush Library was one of the better ones that I have seen. I think that I enjoyed the Truman Library just as much. My wife and her cousin were along for the ride with me and really enjoyed it if that tells you anything.

I actually got the chance to shake hands with George Bush once. It was during the 1992 Presidential campaign and President Bush was campaigning by train. He was to make a stop in a neighboring town just 5 miles away from my home town. I was 11 at the time and already was very interested in studying Presidential history. Bush started shacking hands with the crowd as secret service hurried him through. I was 3 or 4 people width back from the front. I tried to push to the front but couldn't on my own. Just as Bush passed by my Dad lifted me up over the crowd. I stuck my hand out and Bush saw and said to my Dad, " I got him" as he shook my hand. It was pretty cool.

I didn't get any pictures of seeing the President. But browsing online I found this picture of President Bush riding the train on the same day that I shook his hand.

Bush was a WW2 war hero. He served as a naval pilot. His plane once caught on fire and he continued and completed his mission before bailing. He would have a long political career. He was a Congressman, Ambassador to the UN, Chairman of the Republican National Committee during Watergate, Director of the CIA, and Vice President under Ronald Reagan. Bush was the first person to go from Vice President to President by election since Martin Van Buren.

The fall of the Berlin Wall occurred during the Bush Administration. So did the Persian Gulf War. I can still remember wearing a T shirt that said 'Support our troops in Operation Desert Storm' as a kid. we basically ran Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces out of Kuwait.

Bush would lose re election in 1992. But he would become the 2nd President to see his own son elected President (next to John Adams) when his son George W. Bush was elected President in 2000. Bush is alive and well and lives in Huston, TX. He is currently the longest lived President in US history, being the first President to live to the age of 94.

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