Saturday, September 3, 2011

Barack H. Obama

Barack H. Obama 44th President of the United States (2009-2017)

   For any current or living former President it may be tough to find sites connected with their lives. It usually takes a few years after the end of their administration for their Library to be established. And the construction of the Barack Obama Presidential Library is currently underway in Chicago.

     Of course every President has a birthplace. But for the current or any living former President there may be a historical marker at the birthplace if you are lucky. Obama was born in Hawaii. So that is probably the toughest of Presidential birthplaces to visit.  Any vacation, or permanent residence that any President has besides The White House you probably aren't going to get close enough to see, with all of the security.
   Then again, everyone has places they grew up, went to college, lived, hung out, ect.... And since Obama has been on histories radar for several years now, it is easier to find out significant sites in his old stomping grounds. I made it to Chicago to see some of them in late December 2014. 

    Obama's home in the Hyde Park area of Chicago. Tall trees obstruct most of the view. 

    Best view of the front if the house

    This SUV was running and unmaned. 

  A picture of Obama's house before the trees over grew the place.
  A bit of an unusual site. This is where Barack and Michelle had their first date / kiss. 

    Barack's old barber shop

    Inside the barber shop, his old seat behind glass

  Obama's bachelor apartment is through the gate and to the left

    This building at the University of Chicago is where Obama taught law.

There is also other possibilities when it comes to the current President, or any other living President. There is always the possible chance that you may get to see them in person. In the past I got to see 2 other Presidents: Bush 41 and Clinton. Obama would become the 3rd. The chance for me to see Barack Obama in person came in the last few days leading up to the 2012 Presidential election. Ohio has become a critical swing state which made each candidate make several stops in the area. On November 2, 2012 I went to nearby Lima to see the President. Here are some pics.  

I was no more then 15 ft. away from Obama when he first came out from behind the curtain.

A nice shot of him at the Presidential podium

This is the best picture I could get of the President and I.

As we all know Barack Obama is the first African American President. It usually takes at least 20 years after a Presidential administration ends before you can begin to analyze the pro's, con's and the effects of the administration. So we will have awhile until we can fully understand weather what he did is what's best or not. However Presidents these days do have the advantage of learning from history. Learn from past Presidents mistakes. I guess that we will see.

For the same reason I didn't go into much detail on George W. Bush, I won't get to carried away talking about Obama.

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