Monday, August 22, 2011

Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding 29th President of the United States (1921-1923)

Harding sites that I have visited:

Harding birthplace sign Blooming Grove, OH
 Harding boyhood home Caledonia, OH
Site of his newspaper Marion Star  Marion, OH
 Harding exhibit at Heritage Hall  Marion, OH
 Harding home Marion, OH
Harding Tomb Marion, OH

At the birthplace of Harding. A distant relative of mine once owned the land here.

Nicky with me at the site. November 2, 2014. Hardings birthday

Klo, My Grandma and I enjoy the birthsite of Harding. Spring 2010

The Harding birthplace is just a roadside Historical marker, a plaque on the ground marking the home site, and a flag pole. 

Harding boyhood home Caledonia, OH. (private property)

Caledonia is a very small town. His boyhood home is still standing but is private property now.

The Marion Star today. Harding bought the Star when it was a failing newspaper and brought it back to life. This is a newer building. But it sits on the same property that it did when Harding owned it.

Marion County Historical Society's Heritage Hall has a very nice Harding exhibit in the basement.

A bust of Harding in Heritage Hall

Enterance into the Harding exhibit

Alot of Harding campaign items on display

Display on Hardings death and funeral

Harding Memorial Alter as described above

Harding home in Marion, OH

Harding's home in Marion was the site of the last front porch campaign. It is a pretty neat tour. There is a clock that they say is haunted. It stopped ticking the minute that he died all the way across the country. It has even stopped a few times on the anniversary of his death, our tour guide said that she had seen it happen once.

Harding Tomb in Marion, OH

President and Mrs. Harding gravesite

My daughter Khloe, my son Nick and I at Hardings Tomb. This was Nicks first Presidential site at 2 months old. It was an unusually warm Febuary day.

Most recent stop in September 2014 with all 3 kids.

The Harding Tomb is the ultimate example of a huge Tomb for a President of modest accomplishment. Harding was a Senator from Ohio when he beat then Governor of Ohio James Cox in the Presidential election of 1920.  Cox's running mate was a young pre polio Franklin D. Roosevelt. 1920 was the first time that women were allowed to vote in the Presidential election. Harding being the JFK or Clinton of his day won most of the womens vote. Also simularily with JFK and Clinton he had at least 2 affairs that had to be covered up before the election.

Harding was very popular as President. He surrounded himself with some crooked people. The Tea Pot Dome scandel was starting to go public when Harding unexpectedly died in a San Fransisco hotel room. It would take some time before the corruption of his administration would all come to light. In the mean time this amazing Tomb was built by a grieving public.

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